pit productions photo in Mysuru India at Temple

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Pictures in Places is a photoblog of pictures taken in places. One new photo will be added every week.

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Pit Productions Uncle Joe's American Odyssey

A Time Capsule Is Soon Opening

An unreleased time capsule and feature-length docu-comedy shot in 2000. Stay tuned.

Real Life is Strange

Uncle Joe shows that only real life can be this strange.

My Homegirl Chiti in Puja on the Pit Productions Site

An Unreleased Talking Picture

Somewhere in India, someplace in time. An unreleased talking picture.

Chiti’s Lessons

There is no current release date for My Homegirl Chiti. The editing, schedules, and process will be inspired by Chiti’s many lessons and beautifully guided paths.

Seed Saver Hands in Sirsi India for Pit Productions

A World of Creativity

Looking to grow some new seeds? Pit Productions brings a world of creativity to your projects.

A World of Clients

Working for a variety of international clients, Pit Productions takes a holistic approach to marketing, project management, and web design.